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“Voted North Bay's Best Italian Restaurant 12 Years Straight” (707) 523-2227

LoCoco's gives you taste of Italy in Sonoma Valley. Fresh, local ingredients alongside our inspiring gourmet approach will make your night one to remember.

Lococo's Cucina Rustica of Santa Rosa & Sonoma County

Lococo's Cucina Rustica - Italian Restaurant - Santa Rosa, CAWhether you have always dreamed of the Italian countryside or come from an Italian family yourself, our beautiful cuisine and warm, traditional atmosphere can take you back to that delightful Italian memory. At LoCoco's Cucina Rustica, authenticity is our priority. We have taken Italian food back to its simply delicious roots in order to give Sonoma County a taste of a home away from home they never knew they had. While many restaurants today may fall for the latest trends or over-complicate their cuisine, we believe strongly in the culinary power of our fresh, simple, and local ingredients that have stood the test of time.

We Serve the Best Italian Food! And if you know any Italians yourself then you know well that our passion for friends and family only comes second to our undying love for food! So whether you crave a luxurious scallop risotto with truffle sauce, or just a great, traditional Bolognese paired with the perfect wine, we have just what you are looking for. Providing modern fine dining with old-world roots is what we do best. We have a great variety of delightful antipasti, pastas, meat, and seafood choices from classic favorites to uniquely delicious specials. Our delicate blends of simple, traditional ingredients result in wonderfully complex flavors that are sure to satisfy both your nostalgic childhood love of Italian food as well as your more gourmet palate.

We Are Santa Rosa's Favorite & Best Italian RestaurantUpon stepping into our fun, inviting space you might just forget that you are in Santa Rosa all together. While some restaurants take themselves too seriously or provide cold, stark spaces to eat in, we pride ourselves in also providing a gracious service and a lively, genuinely Italian atmosphere. We say why not have the best of both worlds? So when chef and owner Joe LoCoco sought to bring Sonoma County a taste of his hometown in Sicily he was sure to adapt not only the Italian culinary philosophies, but also the warm Italian hospitality and aesthetic. So whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just crave a special meal, come "mangia" with us in our beautiful little slice of Italy right here in Railroad Square!

A Word From a Happy Patron

Lex J says:

I remember loving their pasta alfredo the first time I was here, and I was craving pasta that night, so I convinced my boyfriend he was craving pizza so that we had a reason to venture into downtown Santa Rosa and come here.We shared the pasta alfredo with chicken, the award-winning Prima pizza, and as our starter the meatballs gorgonzola. Our server also came out with some of their homemade garlic rolls.The pasta alfredo was, again, amazing - the sauce was very creamy and rich, unlike the kind you buy out of a jar, and the pasta was cooked well. My only complaint is that it had too few pieces of chicken (we paid an extra $3 to add chicken). The Prima pizza was delicious - the crust was cooked perfectly, it was loaded with veggies, and my favorite part about it was the artichokes (I have never sought out pizzas with artichokes in them...until now!). The meatballs gorgonzola was probably my least favorite during our meal that night, mostly because they were very salty. I couldn't tell if it was the meatballs or the gorgonzola; nevertheless, I probably wouldn't recommend it. Lastly, the garlic rolls were delicious. I know they have them on the menu, but I think they're complimentary because our server continued to re-fill our basket and we were never charged.Our bill was a bit more expensive than we anticipated, but my boyfriend and I both came out feeling satisfied with our meal and even had some leftovers to eat the next day. The regular, smaller portions on the dinner menu are small (relative to American portions) but just right, so don't come here expecting to do some heavy carb-loading unless you plan to order the large family size for your pasta and pizza.I highly recommend this place for eating out with family or a significant other. Downstairs seating is limited, but they have an upstairs dining area as well. The restaurant is located in a charming little section of downtown Santa Rosa, so you can take a stroll while you wait for your food to digest before heading home.Excellent Italian food with that home-style Italian feel!

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Tuesday - Friday

11:30am - 2:30pm


Sunday - Thursday

5:00pm - 9:30pm

Friday - Saturday

5:00pm - 10:00pm

Closed Mondays

Customer Testimonials

“If you’re looking for Italian, this is your place…”

If you’re looking for Italian, this is your place. Dinner is fun, loud, and social, but lunch can be a bit more calm. Reservations are important because everyone in town knows that this is the spot for Italian, so getting a table on the weekend is tough without a reservation.

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